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I haven’t been writing. 

I have been praying. Prayers like Please Help!

I know God is with me. That is my faith. Jesus promises to be with us always. So I figure He is holding me, helping me to put one foot in front of the other.

I have decided to start writing again. For real, I hope. I have some reflections I need to write for CatholicMom.com. Writing will help me to pray. And grow closer to God.

Hubby and I have been going through our little condo, reorganizing the rooms and the “stuff.” We actually managed to go through all of our loose photos and old photo albums and organize them into a series of huge albums of our family. 

My mother left me photo albums from my life as a child, from my birth to my wedding. And a few from the early years of our marriage. I was able to then put together an album of my childhood. My husband has his childhood album too.

A major project but really an awesome thing. A gift from both my husband and me to our children.

I guess the “Please Help” prayers did help.

God bless you all.

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