Catholic Prayer Life

stained glass smallCatholic Prayer Life is for all who wish to grow in intimacy with God. The hunger we feel for God is an invitation to have a closer, more personal relationship with Him.

When I first converted, I was so hungry for knowledge about my Church. I went to classes, I read everything I could get my hands on. I even took a correspondence course about my new found faith.

But soon, I needed more. Theology fed my brain, but I needed nourishment for my soul. I desired a personal relationship with God.

St. Augustine said that “Our hearts are restless until they rest in God.”

In order to have that personal relationship with God, we need to spend more time with Him in prayer. Just like with a friend, if we do not spend time with God, then we cannot possibly get to know Him very well.

With this website, I hope to share with you some tools and resources to assist you on your spiritual journey, including scripture reflections and a blog with some of my thoughts and reflections.

I hope to inspire and encourage you as you grow in your relationship with the Lord.

So how about it?

Get a life! A Catholic Prayer Life!

The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion

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