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A Christmas Gift

My mother is a deaconess in her Protestant church. She is also the organist. It is a very small congregation in a small church in a small New England town. Mom had been busier than usual this past advent. She was always running around, trying to do so much for so many. She was pretty… Read More ›

No Ordinary Gift

It was a spur of the moment decision. I received an email from the USCCB selling a commemorative t-shirt of Pope Francis’ visit to the United States last September. Thinking my husband, Rich, would like it, I ordered one a couple of months before Christmas and requested that it be delivered to my office so… Read More ›

Thin Place

Thin place. This phrase comes from Celtic spirituality and, in a nutshell, means a place or moment where God seems very close. Like there is a thin veil that separates us. We can feel far away from God and then the veil is lifted just so slightly and we experience God in such a close… Read More ›

The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion

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