Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina (Latin for divine reading) is a way to pray with scripture. 

Praying with scripture is really a wonderful way to grow closer to the Lord and to hear his voice with the ears of the heart.

Below are some audio scripture verses for you to use for lectio divina. I have chosen just a couple passages to begin with, but will be adding more. I will eventually start grouping them by themes.

 Be sure to visit frequently as I will be adding different scripture verses time to time.

Below are the steps to lectio divina which you can follow when reading scripture and also when listening to the audio readings.

There are four steps to lectio divina. I have included the Latin terms for them. Another easy way to remember them is using the 4 R’s:

1. Read (lectio).

Be sure to sit in a quiet place. Get comfortable. Spend a few minutes in silence. Choose a text from scripture. It can be the day’s readings or any scripture you feel drawn to read. If a phrase or verse catches your attention, you may want to stay with it and read it over and over. You can then move on if you wish.

2. Reflect (meditatio).

Repeat the verse(s) that caught your attention in the first step. Meditate on what it all means to you. Ponder it in your heart for a while. Ponder like Mary.

3. Respond (oratio)

Speak to God. Express your feelings or thoughts about your meditation and/or the phrase that caught your attention. What do you sense God is trying to say to you? Open your heart to the Lord.

4. Rest (contemplatio).

When you feel you are done with your prayer, let go of your words and sit silently in the presence of God. Enjoy God’s presence and just “be” with Him. Rest in the Lord.


If you would like to try some audio lectio divina, go to the Audio Lectio Divina page.


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