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mountaincloudsWelcome to Catholic Prayer Life’s Online Retreat page!

Have you ever felt a desire to get away on a retreat? Have you ever felt that need to spend a few days alone with Jesus, in silence, and pray? It is not always possible to get that time. There are other commitments – to our families, our jobs, our ministries. And often we just do not have the money.

Still, it is important for us to take some extended alone time with God. And what if we are feeling called? Sometimes we just need to get creative. For example:

  1. Take a retreat day, or even half a day, at home. Find a place in or outside of the house to take some time in silence, for reading and prayer and meditation.
  2. Attend Days of Reflection or parish missions at your church or neighboring church and journal after each session. Our parish even offers babysitting for these missions.
  3. Take an online retreat.

The great thing about online retreats is you can set your own time to do them. You can set the schedule that works best for you. You can work on it a little every day or one day every week.

You decide.

Wishing you a prayerful retreat. God bless.



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