December 20, 2015

Fourth Sunday of Advent

“Blessed are you who believed that what was spoken to you by the Lord would be fulfilled.” – Luke 1:45  

I would like to think that I have the faith that Mary did. I would like to think that I believe like she believed. More often though, I think I am more like the man who said – I believe, help my unbelief (Mk 9:24).

I have faith. I have enough faith to know that God is always with me, even during the worst of times.

But … do I have enough faith to believe in the impossible? Do I have enough faith to believe that God can and will do the impossible in my life?

I know I have had moments like Mary did when she spoke her Magnificat. I have felt that way – filled with joy and the knowledge that God has done great things for me.

Moments when I have indeed felt unbelievably blessed.

And many of those blessings were my own little miracles. Things that I thought would never, could never happen to me.

Certainly, after a miscarriage and years of infertility, my children are miracles.

And for sure, after a childhood of abuse, thinking that no man would ever love me, or more than that … thinking that I would never love or trust any man … my husband is a miracle.

No, I never saw an angel. But God has given me my own miracles. My own impossible miracles.

Yes, Lord. I believe.

Dear Lord, thank you for all the blessings in my life. Thank you for loving me even when I felt unlovable. Help me to see the miracles of my life. Help me to keep the faith. Amen.

The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion

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