December 27, 2015

The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary & Joseph

“But they did not understand what he said to them.” – Luke 2:50

I do not always understand what Jesus says to me either. I try to listen. I try to figure it all out. But sometimes I just do not get it.

Rather consoling to know that Mary and Joseph did not always get it either.

Mary and Joseph had such deep faith. They trusted in God. They had been raising Jesus for 12 years now and it had been a normal life. And now here is a sign. A reminder. This was no ordinary boy.

What did it all mean?

What did Mary do?

“… and his mother kept all these things in her heart.” – Luke 2:51b

So when I do not understand, I need to do as Mary did. I need to keep these things in my heart. I need to pray.

Someday I will know. Someday I will understand. Until then, it is enough to just ponder these things.

And wait for the answer.

Dear Lord, I love you. I long to do your will. I long to know what you want me to do or what you want me to know. But I do not often understand. And so when I hear your voice, when I think I know what you are calling me to do, remind me to take the time to pray and to listen. Always listen. Amen.

The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion

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