February 28, 2016

Third Sunday of Lent

“… I shall cultivate the ground around it and fertilize it. …” (Luke 13:8)

We often think that we bear fruit on our own. We don’t. We work toward it, we pray about it, but the grace to bear fruit comes from Jesus. After all, Jesus is the gardener.

However, we can’t just sit back either. In order to bear fruit, we need to cooperate with those graces that God rains down on us. And we need to turn back to God. Not just once and for all.

We need to turn back every day. We need to reaffirm our desire to do God’s will. We need to try to bring this fruit to others. We need to make Jesus the Lord of our lives.

We need to repent.

The good news is that our God is a God of second chances. He is very patient and does not give up on us. He gives us more chances. He reaches out to us over and over again.

And He waits.

Are we willing to be open to conversion? To a change of heart?

Are we willing to repent and turn back to our loving God, the Gardener of our souls?

Dear Lord, thank you for your patience with me. Help me to see the need for repentance, for conversion. Help me to bear fruit, Lord. For your glory. Amen.

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