New Life

My husband and I lived in the same city for over 40 years. We met each other there. We got married there. We raised children there.

To move to a new city at this time in our lives is not an easy thing. Not easy to leave old home or children or friends. Not easy to move, period. Not easy to settle in new place.

Being near the three of our children who live here has helped. We see them every week or two. Sometimes one of them. Sometimes all of them. Grandchildren, too. What a blessing!

And we have a grandchild on the way. We are hoping she will arrive this month. So naturally we went shopping for some baby clothes. Some baby clothes turned into many more things. It is so easy to spoil grandchildren, isn’t it? Why is that?

And then we recently learned that we have a great-grandchild on the way. I did not realize how old we had become.

It just kind of snuck up on us.

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  1. So happy for you and Deacon Rich, having your grandchildren and a GREAT grandchild soon to be! They truly can be a wonderful blessing. I recently was blessed with the 5th great grandchild – William Conlin, named after Bill. That in itself was beautiful. They are all so precious. Enjoy every moment with them.
    Blessings – Pat


  2. Thank you, Pat. I will be sure to enjoy every moment. Time just does by too fast doesn’t it? God bless.


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