Quarantine Questions

Why is it, when I have plenty of time on my hands, in the midst of this long, long time of quarantine, I don’t take the time to write? 

Could it be that I am lazy? Not really.

Could it be that I am busy? No, of course not.

Could it be that I have no inspiration? Bingo!

Not that I do not have any inspiration. I do if I look for it. I am just not looking for it.

Christmas is keeping me busier than usual. And Christmas movies are entertaining us. And the hope of getting a vaccination soon is really a gift and lifts my spirits.

Our boys set up times to see us and frequently send us photos of the grandchildren. That is a great gift that lifts our spirits.

I try to pray everyday. I know when we are back out into the world again that I will regret not praying more when I had the time to do it. Why is that? Why do I not take advantage of the gift of solitude? Or even more, the gift of time.

There is one special thing I appreciate about this long time of quarantine. The time I am spending with my husband. The talks and the laughs. The great mix of quantity and quality time. This is the gift I have received. 

The best Christmas gift of all.

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