Letting Go

My hubby and I have spent a lot of time this past year letting go of stuff. Cleaning out closets and under the bed and the shelves. We put all of our pictures in binders and all labeled so our children can someday go through them easily and know who is who from past generations. Yes, I know the world is digital now, but we have tons of pictures from our childhood and our lives together. And there is nothing like holding a photo in your hand and really looking at it. Or tucking it away in the Bible. One of our sons is planning on taking pictures of it and filming us talking about the ones from our childhoods. It is a good thing to leave for our future family members. It is family history in photos.

When my mother passed way, she sent me tons of photos. It was really healing to go through them and remember the times we had together. Remember my childhood spent with her. Remember her with my children when they were little.

Letting go of stuff and holding onto memories. Happy days. Thank you, Lord.

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