Time Marches On

Where did this year go? So much going on. The months flew by. And I look at my blog and I have written nothing.
My husband and I are both having health issues. Growing old is not for wimps, as they say.
I am struggling with sciatica. Unbelievably painful and just does not go away. I do exercises and go to physical therapy. That just causes more pain for a while.
My brother sent me a copy of a photo that I did not have. It is a four generation picture. My great-grandfather, my grandparents, myself and my oldest son, Steve. My father is the missing generation. Maybe he is taking the picture? I am not sure. Maybe it is my husband? Not sure about that either.
Sigh. Where do our memories go?
That is why photos are so important. They save those moments we forget about. And when we see them years later, the memories come rushing in of so many loved ones I still see and those I now miss.
And then there’s the future. My boys are both fathers now. And I have beautiful grandchildren to hug.
My granddaughter loved the picture. She told my son – Grammy looks so young!
Yup. I was young once. Now I’m old. But I am OK with that. It is my turn to be old. I feel like I am betwixt and between. I am seeing the past and the future.
I better start taking more pictures. For my grandchildren to still marvel at years from now.
Time marches on.

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