Do Whatever He Tells You



His mother said to the servers, “Do whatever he tells you.” – John 2:5

These are the last words of Mary recorded in the Bible. What powerful words they are. Sometimes I feel as if she is speaking to me. Do whatever he tells you.

We visited the Holy Land several years ago and went to see the church at Cana. We renewed our vows outside of the church because it was so crowded inside. We bought a bottle of wine at the gift shop there and gave it to our son when he and his girlfriend got engaged.

I remember that visit like it was yesterday. I know Jesus was with us as we renewed our vows.

And I know that Mary spoke to our hearts as well.

Do whatever he tells you.

Jesus, thank you for the miracle at Cana, and for your overflowing abundance of love. Love for your mother. Love for us. And thank you also for teaching us that there is a time for everything. A time for dance and a time for joy. A time for work and a time for play. Help me to live in the moment and enjoy each moment as they are all gifts from you. Amen.

Image by James Tissot, Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons


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