Aging Gracefully

handicapped signGetting old is not for wimps. Or so they say.
My knee gave out on me last week. The pain was excruciating. However, a few days with rest and ice, it improved a lot. But it didn’t go away. Tests are still pending.
It is very interesting to find myself looking at the world through the lens of pain and decreased mobility and increased dependency. And a walker.
I don’t care for it very much.
A walker is supposed to be for old people. Like really old people. I am only 61. Almost 62. That is not really old, is it? (Probably depends on who you are talking to.)
In addition to my own mobility issues, my husband passed out and fell. He ended up with bruised and painful ribs as well as a few abrasions. And an overnight stay in the hospital.
Now we look like the walking wounded whenever we go somewhere. Which isn’t very often and rarely far from the safety of our living room chairs. It takes a lot of energy to get ourselves downstairs (via elevator) and into the car. Never mind the return trip home.
Now I notice other peoples’ infirmities and assistive devices more closely. This morning I had a conversation with a perfect stranger about their walker that has a seat and wheels.
Praise the Lord for walkers with wheels.


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  1. I hope your knee improves quickly, Colleen. Sixty-one is definitely not old! (But my daughter might say otherwise…lol.)

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  2. Hi Colleen! I’m having pain in one of my legs too. I’m only 52. Yikes! I always notice others who have physical dilemmas. Usually the elderly. There is one man that faithfully attends Mass and sits in the front. He may be in his eighties…I’m guessing. He doesn’t know how much I admire him. He walks very slow but faithfully attends Mass. Yes…getting old is not for wimps!


    • I know what you mean. I have often watched people at Mass too. I remember one Good Friday watching a man help his blind wife go up to venerate the cross. I was so moved by that. It was many years ago and every Good Friday I remember that.


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