The Ascension of the Lord

“You are witnesses of these things.” – (Luke 24:48)

The idea that the apostles would witness to Jesus’ presence in their midst would have amazed me at that time. Before that day, they were too afraid to admit they even knew Jesus, never mind start telling others about him.

When they experienced the resurrection, everything began to change for them. Their eyes and hearts were opened. They were no longer afraid. They no longer felt abandoned or alone.

They had experienced his resurrection. They knew he was not really leaving them. They knew their lives would never be the same. And not only did they give witness, but they did so with “great joy.” (Luke 24:52)

An encounter with the risen Christ changes everything for us. Once we experience His presence in our lives, our eyes and hearts are opened. And we are made new.

And not only do we give witness, but we do so with great joy.

We can’t help it.

Lord, I know you are here with me now. Help me to trust in that always. I know that one day I will see your face, but until that time, please help me to do as the apostles did – do you homage and praise you always. And witness to your presence with great joy. Thank you, Lord. Amen.


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