Lord, Please Take Me Back

December 4, 2016

Second Sunday of Advent

“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!” – Matthew 3:2

To sin means to turn away from God. When we repent, we turn back to God. Repentance means we are sorry. We regret our behavior. We want to change. We want conversion.

We want to be close to God again.

I used to worry about every little thing I did wrong. I tended to be a perfectionist and a worrier. I don’t think I trusted very much in God’s mercy. After all, I was a new Catholic and very new to this whole spiritual journey thing.

My spiritual director knew me very well and knew that I tended to be too hard on myself. So he told me that when I do some little thing that I think displeases God, just say – Lord, I repent – and let it go.

Not an easy thing for me to do, the “letting go” part. But I learned to do that. I learned to say I repent each time I turned away from God, and soon, I began to trust in God’s mercy. And worry less.

Conversions are not just the big things that happen to us. Conversions can happen every day. Those little conversions when we know we need to change, when we know we need to turn back to God.

I once heard a homilist tell a great story about a girl who misbehaves and afraid that her mother won’t forgive her, cries out, saying – “Mom, mom, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Please take me back!”

I really loved that story for I recognized myself in it.

Lord, Lord, I repent. Please take me back.

The Good News? God always does.

Dear Lord, thank you for never letting go of me, even when I turn away from you. Help me to always turn back to you and to grow closer to you everyday. Amen.


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