Nations shall walk by your light, and kings by your shining radiance. – Isaiah 60:3

Do we who seek God seek Him in the hearts of His followers?

Do we recognize the light of Christ in others?

When we seek His light, do we find Him?

And when we find His light, do we reflect the light to others? So others can know God’s love.

Looking back I can see that there were people in my life who testified to the light. I heard it at church. I heard it from my grandmother. I heard it from friends. I heard it from strangers.

I followed that light for years, not knowing why it was there, not understanding what it was or what it meant or exactly what I was supposed to do with it.

But the light drew me. It drew me for years. Eventually it drew me to Jesus. And soon I realized – it was my turn. It was my turn to testify to the light.

It was time for me to be a light for Jesus so others may find Him.

Lord, help me to see you everywhere and in everyone. Help me to be one of your lights, to be your shining star, leading others to find you. And Lord, oh please, may others see You in me. Amen.

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