Blessed Are We

God’s thoughts are not our thoughts. That is certainly brought home to us when we read the Beatitudes. I mean, Blessed are you who are poor … Really?

In the secular world, we tend to measure success by wealth, awards, fame, possessions. In Jesus’ mind and thoughts and words, it is quite different. I have to admit, though, that I have experienced some of these to be true.

Blessed are you who are now weeping … not only myself but others I have spoken to have experienced great comfort when in mourning. There has been no doubt in our minds that God was there, carrying us through the pain.

Blessed are you when people hate youon account of the Son of Man … when we put God first in our lives, do we not “see” Him more often? We find this to be true in the Pro Life movement, do we not? Are we not insulted and persecuted because of our beliefs? And do we really want it any other way?

I mean, we MUST be on the right track when you consider all the forces trying to work against us? Right?

For a long time, I did not rejoice over this, but I am beginning to think differently. I am trying to think as a daughter of God, not a daughter of this world. It sure isn’t easy, but whoever said that it was supposed to be?

And how about that reward in heaven? 

Dear Jesus, help me. I spend a lot of time on my knees, my face in the dirt, begging forgiveness, trying to find you or hear your voice, begging for help and wisdom. Please, Jesus, help me to remember that this is a good place to be, even if it does not always feel good by the world’s standards. Please do not let go of me. Amen.

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