Are We Aware?

And he said, “Amen, I say to you, no prophet is accepted in his own native place. – Lk 4:24

I heard new things in this gospel reading today. And it led to a lot of questions.

Do we take others for granted? Do we take our co-workers and family members for granted?

Do we also take Jesus for granted?

Are we so familiar with the Mass that we don’t even listen to what is being said? Are our responses and prayers automatic? 

Do we listen to the readings with a new ear? Do we pay attention to the homily? 

Do we receive the sacraments without awareness of what they mean?

Do we pray daily? Do we speak from our heart? Or do we only repeat memorized prayers and never connect with the God who loves us?

It is good to ask ourselves these questions. 

It is time to ponder the answers.

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  1. Thank you Colleen, for this awakening! Your thoughts certainly hit home! Blessings – Pat



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