Bluejays and Other Blessings

I had an interesting month of June. To say the least.

First, there was the car accident.

Second, there was the move. Regardless of car accidents and pain, we still needed to move. My husband is such an expert at moving now, and is so organized, he had done a lot before the car accident. Thank goodness. We rested a couple of weeks and then finished in time. It was a bit stressful, and painful, but it all worked.

Now we are in our new place. We are just about finished with unpacking and moving stuff around and making several trips to hardware stores. And falling asleep exhausted every night.

The best part? We have seen a lot of our sons and their families who live near here. Dinner out. Visits back and forth. A granddaughter’s birthday. What a blessing.

And we found a church. Only a few miles away. An active parish. A lot like what we are used to.

We bought a bird feeder the other day. My husband’s idea. Then he kept waiting for the birds to come. No birds came that first day. Yesterday a bluejay came. Ate some of the bird food on the patio. He even came back today and had more to eat.

We are hoping he will bring some friends.

We are counting our blessings.

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  1. Glad to hear you’ve found a church and are settling in.


  2. So glad you appear to be very happy with your new move. May God continue to bestow blessings on you and Deacon Rich.
    Love & Blessings Always, Pat


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