Update on the birds – They come everyday. All kinds of birds. Bluejays and cardinals and tiny little things I do not know the name of.

Unfortunately, the squirrels come, too. Evidently, they like bird food. They really are pests. And they scare the birds, so I looked up ways of keeping squirrels away. I learned they do not like chili powder. Not even the smell. They stay away from it. So I sprinkled some around the patio.

Would you believe that a squirrel went right up to it to check it out?

So much for that.

My great-grandfather loved birds, too. He lived to be around 103 and was in a nursing home for the last few years of his life. He loved to watch the birds and have people write down the kinds of birds they saw when visiting him.

I have many fond memories of Grandpa. I remember that we would often watch Boston Red Sox games together when I was growing up. When I introduced him to Rich before we were married, I told my grandfather that Rich came from New York and was a Yankee fan. I figured he would have some kind of sarcastic comment to make about our nemesis.

Nope. I was wrong. He just said that the Yankees were a good team, too. Always the gentleman.

I imagine that Grandpa would be very patient with the squirrels. He would have something nice to say about them, even if they bothered his birds.

A kind and gentle man. I was blessed to know him.

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  1. thanks for sharing that story. I , too, enjoyed watching my Grandmother sit by her window and feed the birds also…she was a kind gentle woman…who lived to be 99


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