A Strange New World

I feel like I am living in a strange world. Like I woke up one day, and my whole world had changed.

Our whole world had changed.

I am so thankful that I am not sick. My husband is not sick. Neither are our children and grandchildren. I know it could all change in a moment.

So I pray. And I try to keep my spirits up. My husband still makes me laugh. And we spend our days, talking and praying, and watching tv show after tv show.

We watch the news to stay informed. We watch movies to stay entertained, and to laugh, and possibly to escape from the “real” world. We watch cooking shows to feel like our lives are normal and haven’t really changed.


Things have changed. A lot. And they will probably stay changed. The way we live may become a new normal. I don’t know that for sure. But I do know that, no matter what, we are all changed in some way. We won’t forget what we have gone through.

And maybe that is a good thing. Maybe we will come out of this wiser. Maybe we will learn to lean on others during tough times, and we will learn what is really important in our lives. And we will spend more time with family.

And maybe we will worry less about money and more about our loved ones. More about people.

And maybe, we will pray more and lean more on God. And trust in Him.

That’s my hope and prayer.

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  1. Amen. God is changing hearts and melting hardened hearts. Omelting hearts. Our Lady Blessed Mother Mary intercede upon our world.


  2. Amen to all you wrote. Peace Barbara CArroll


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