We Are Loved

I celebrated a birthday this week. My husband made me an awesome dinner. And my son and daughter-in-law brought their 2 children over. (Don’t worry. We practiced social distancing). They made me a big poster with letters to me and their drawings.

And my eldest stepson and daughter-in-law and my 3 adult grandchildren and soon to be granddaughter-in-law (is there such a word?) came to our outdoor patio and sang Happy Birthday to me. They gave me a balloon and cake and a beautiful card. (Yes, they kept their distance)

People are starting to get tired of social distancing and I understand. I miss our old life for sure.

But it is just not safe to go from almost total isolation to big crowds with strangers. On a beach or anywhere else. 

A virus does not just decide that it has hung out long enough and disappear because its victims are getting bored or worried about finances. We cannot just go from nothing to everything. We have to use our brains and listen to the scientists and doctors about this. Or we could end up in a lot worse situation.

And our children and grandchildren could pay the price.

And we need to pray. Pray that Jesus carries us through this crisis. Pray that we keep our heads and listen to the experts.

Believe me. I wanted to hug all my grandchildren to pieces today. But our love for each other helped us to keep our distance. And blow kisses from afar.

Let us all practice this kind of love right now. 

Lord, thank you for helping my family through this difficult time. Please keep everyone safe and heal us. Help our doctors find a vaccine for this virus. And may our loved ones know how much we love them and how much you love them. Remind us we are never alone. Amen.

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  1. Thank you Coleen. Happy Birthday…and I’m so Happy you’re surrounded by God’s blessings…..your family..stay well and safe


  2. Amen, We need to use common sense that God gave us. Happy Birthday. We can love our families at a distance. It was wonderful that you got to be with them and social distance. How cool.


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