Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

“God has visited his people.” Luke 7:16b

This little sentence really grabbed my heart today.

God has visited His people.

I get the visitation part. And it is not just past tense. God not only walked in the garden with Adam and Eve. He not only walked with his disciples in Jerusalem.

He walks in the gardens of life with all of us. Today. Everyday.

Even when we are not paying attention to God, God pays attention to us. He is even moved to pity for us, like Jesus in this week’s gospel. God’s mercy and compassion knows no limits. He heals us even when we do not ask for it.

Like this week when I read these words – His people.

I read them and I could not stop thinking about them.

His people. We are His people. We belong to God.

Even if we ignore Him every day of our lives – we are still His people.

I have called you by name: you are mine. Is 43:1b

There was a time when I didn’t think I belonged anywhere, to anyone.

But nowadays I know that is not so. I am not lost. I am found.

I belong to God.

I am His.

Dear Lord, thank you for loving me and healing that part of me that so often feels alone. Help me to remember that I always belong to you, no matter what. And help me to see others as Your people, too. Amen.


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