Live in the Moment

Man is but a breath, 

his days like a passing shadow. – Psalm 144:4

We just got home. We were away, visiting my mom who just celebrated her 85th birthday. We took her on some short trips to some of her favorite places. It was fun. And a real treat to see her joy.

Mom lives about 1500 miles away. It has always been difficult living so far away from her. Now, as she gets older, I worry more. My brother lives near her and watches over her, but I feel guilty and sad, living so far away and seeing her so seldom.

Now that I am retired, I hope to get to see her more often, but I am very much aware of time just slipping away.

And there is nothing I can do about that. I would like to make time stand still, but I cannot.

I can only enjoy each and every moment. Each moment with those I love. Each moment with the Lord.

Live in the moment, many people say. 

I now understand what that means.

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  1. I know exactly that feeling. We can only live each moment the best we can with our loved ones and Our Lord.

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  2. Thank you Betty. Miss you!


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